Fast & Accurate 3D Face Recognition

Highly efficient and precise biometric systems of face recognition are created for security of your business

  • Lliberal to height differences, motion and facial angles
  • Extreme fast сontactless identification
  • Accurate identification
  • Big database without access cards or pin codes
  • Recognition in motion
  • Easy integration with any ACS

Access control and time tracking with EnterFace 3D

New biometric readers EnterFace 3D analyze 3D face geometry and guarantee maximal level of security in access control system.
Due to own algorithms and powerful processor the readers support recognition in ultimate big databases – up to 6000 users – without access cards and pin codes excluding risks and inconveniences connected with its loss, damage or forgetting.

Ability to recognize a user in motion in a split second increase access points capacity and allows to organize access control and time tracking in condition of high traffic at entrances. Exclusively low False Authorization Rate (FAR) allows to differentiate even twins.

Data from devices connected in the network is synchronized with centralized base and uses the same biometric template for different types of devices EnterFace 3D.

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